Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

Is the atmosphere of your meeting space really THAT important? In this video we will learn how to create an inviting atmosphere for your members and why this is vital for a healthy Group!


Breaking the Ice

Not sure how to start conversation once your members show up? In this video we will learn how to utilize Ice Breaker questions to get all of your members involved in discussion, and why it's so important!


Leading a Great Discussion

Do you feel like you're not good at facilitating discussion? In this video we will learn some practical tips on how to facilitate discussion more effectively!


How and when are we supposed to pray in our Group? In this video we will learn how to pray as a Group more intentionally and to understand why we're praying in the first place!

Building Healthy Relationships

How can I build healthy relationships with my Group members? In this video we will be sharing some tips on how to grow closer with your members inside and outside of your Group meetings!

Growing Your Group

What is the best way to get my Group to grow? In this video we'll look at 4 things that indicate the health of your Group and the idea of how growth may not always be in numbers!