Who We Are


At Better Life Church, our mission is to help people follow Jesus so they can experience a Better Life. No matter where you are in life, we’re all are looking for something better. That’s why we created Better Life Church.


Where we come from:

In 2008, the story of Better Life Church began with a vision to see God move in our region. Through the years, we have watched over 2000 people decide to start following Jesus and we believe the best is still yet to come.


Where we are headed:

At Better Life Church we believe you can’t follow Jesus and stay the same. We like to define walking with Jesus as a series of next steps. We are relentlessly hopeful that through these steps, God will change lives, our city and our region.


What this means for you:

At Better Life Church, there are no perfect people allowed. This means you are always welcome here. Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus, we want to help you find your next step.

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