This Sunday, we started a new series called Hot Heads. Pastor Daniel talked about how anger is actually a secondary emotion. There is a root issue going on that causes us to be angry. This week he spoke on the topic of envy. 

Discussion Guide

What stood out to you from this Sunday’s message? 

In your own words, how would you define envy?

Have you ever felt like God was holding out on you? If you’re comfortable, share an example. 

What do you believe that God owes us? Why? 

Explain your thoughts on how this kind of thinking can make us angry. 

How can you prevent envy?

Have you struggled with envious thoughts in the past? Are you struggling with them today?

What are some things you did or can do to get through it?


Jesus, give us the wisdom to not destroy ourselves with envy but seek you for freedom. Amen.

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