This Sunday, Pastor Daniel preached about divorce and remarriage. Though it is a challenging topic, it's always good to hear a biblical perspective on such a challenging issue. Today we'll be discussing some of the things he mentioned as well as learning how we can apply some of the principles that carry over personally into our lives even if we've never personally been impacted by divorce or remarriage. 

Discussion Guide

What stood out to you from this Sunday?

How do people in our culture generally make life altering decisions? How do they come to the decision they do?

How could it make life easier if we embraced the idea that Jesus' ways are better than our ways?

What are some specifics of Jesus knowing better than us?

What happens if we make the wrong decision?

How can Jesus work through poor decision making? 

What something in your life that it would be advantageous to seek Jesus' advice?

What does that look like for you right now?


Jesus, help us lean on you to make our decisions in life. Amen. 

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