8 Great Traits Of A Pioneering Church


There is a difference between a pioneer and a settler. During this series, Pastor Daniel has talked about what it means to be a pioneer. This Sunday, he discussed 8 great traits of a pioneering church: we must believe, we must pray, we must encourage, we must serve, we must bring, we must learn, we must love and we must lead. 

Discussion Guide

What stood out to you from this Sunday’s message?

What’s the difference between a pioneer and a settler?

Why would someone choose one over the other?

In what areas of your life do you do whatever it takes? 

What areas do you have the habit of settling?

Read Ephesian 3:20, "Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” 

What is one thing you want to accomplish infinitely more of?

Do you think it’s going to be hard or easy? Why?

What do you need to do to allow God to use His mighty power to work through you? Be specific. 


Jesus, help us remember how to be a pioneer when we want to settle. Amen.


  • Starting next week, we will be bringing back the relationship series Waiting, Dating, Mating Part 2. You do not want to miss it!
  • If you know anyone that is between 6th-12th grade, we’re having a Super Bowl Party for them at Better Life Youth (5150 Flemingsburg Road) on February 7th.
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