Seeing Jesus In Chaos


During Christmas At Better Life, Pastor Daniel talked about Immanuel. It’s not just the Christmas story but was 1,000’s of years of waiting, anticipating and hoping. This is the story of the birth of Jesus--God with us. If we would just recognize this in the midst of our most chaotic times, it would change the way we work through those situations. 

Discussion Guide

What’s one of your favorite Christmas moments?

What did you do for Christmas this year?

What stood out to you from the Christmas service?

Grab your Bibles and read Luke 8:40-58

What stands out to you most from this passage?

Have you ever had a situation in your life when something continually bad happened to you? Describe it to the group.

What are some common ways people deal with chaos?

What encouragement would you give to someone struggling in a situation like this?

What are some practical ways to approach or continue through chaotic situations? Be specific. 


Jesus, help us recall you when we are going through chaotic times. Amen.


  • We saw 10 salvations and 29 next steps during out Christmas service!
  • If you ever see someone in need and can’t help them personally, please direct them to the church offices (especially in the coming cold months). 
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