Fight For Focus (11/29/2015)


This Sunday, Pastor Daniel talked about prayer and fasting. He mentioned that fasting isn't about food but about focus. He discussed how we need to fight for our focus and that the spiritual discipline of fasting was designed just for this. 

Discussion Guide:

What stood out to you from Sunday that changed your perspective on prayer and fasting?

In what way can self-discipline be good?

What's something in your life you need to focus on?

In what ways could fasting affect that focus?

What's the difference between self-confidence and God-confidence?

What are some things that keep people from fasting?

What would your life look like if you craved God more than you craved food? 

What steps can you take to align your focus on God's will this week?


Jesus, help us align our focus with your will. Amen.

Better Life Church