Hearing From God (11/15/2015)


Hearing from God seems to be one of the hardest thing to do as a Christian. But God speaks in many ways and it's essential to our growth as a believer to know how He speaks. As Pastor Daniel said on Sunday, we need to do five things: withdraw, wait, watch, write and worship.

Discussion Guide:

Is reading your Bible the only way to hear from God? Why?

What is the last thing God said to you? In what way did He speak? 

What are some pros and cons of waiting on God?

With so many competing voices, what are some voices that compete with God's?

What's the purpose of finding a quiet place to communicate with God?

What are some things that can hinder this?

What percent of your prayer is spent listening rather than talking? 


Jesus, help us hear from you and seek you always. Amen.

Better Life Church