This Sunday, Jacob, our Family Pastor talked about dating. It was a great message on how being in a relationship as one half that makes a whole isn’t healthy. It’s two wholes that live together that make a healthy relationship. We must pour into others and not take away. Today we will continue the discussion.

Discussion Guide

What stood out to you from this Sunday?

What’s the silliest thing you’ve done to get someones attention?

Why do we have a habit of seeking fulfillment from others?

How can this get you in trouble?

What are some ways you can pour into others?

How can you be intentional about staying filled up?


Jesus, help us in our relationships so that we can add value to one another. Amen.


  • We recently received a request from someone in need that needs help collecting some premature babies clothing for a girl. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help with this please collect them as a group or bring them by the church office by next week.
  • Last Sunday, Pastor Daniel said that the church would cover the cost for one marriage counseling session for the first five couples that approached us. We have 3 more opportunities available. Please contact the church offices at 606-780-0084 to get connected or stop by the Red Room on Sunday to get connected.
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