Win With Your Money

"Plans fail for a lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed." - Proverbs 15:22

We've all needed help with our finances at one time or another. There's no shame in that. If you're feeling stuck in your finances,or just not sure where to go for help understanding it all, we've gathered together some tools and resources to help you.


Begin With a Budget

Getting control of your finances can seem daunting, but with a few simple tools, you can get on the right track. Get started by gathering the financial paperwork needed to completely fill out a Budget Form. This includes items such as pay stubs, utility bills, loan payments, and personal expenses such as cell phones and entertainment.


Eddie & Robin Sorrell

“Five years ago Robin & I took the 90 day challenge. Up to that point we had turned everything over to God but our finances which we felt we needed to continue to control, even though we had made a mess of them the past 35 years. We accepted the challenge and began to tithe on our gross income. All we can say is it works!  Yes there were some tough times and financial decisions along the way we made. We have learned to be good stewards with our finances. We now give more with less, and we have no consumer debt today. God continues to bless us and open doors for us, and we continue to walk thru them. The 90 day challenge and financial coaching offered was one of the best decisions we have made in our soon to be 40 years of marriage."


What is Tithing?

A tithe—which just means “tenth”—is defined as the first 10% of a person’s income before taxes or anything else comes out. The Bible says we can take the promises of God to the bank. When we bring our first and best back to God, He promises to bless the rest. We can’t outgive God. We know tithing is a huge step of obedience, but you’re not in this alone!


Amelia Stamm

“We decided to take control of our finances and let God teach us to be good stewards. 5 years later and we are debt free, except our home! I love getting to share our story and encourage others to allow God to create margin in their finances."


Everyone Needs a Coach

We offer free, confidential, one-on-one coaching to anyone who wants help in gaining control of their personal finances. You will learn Biblically-based money management principles and techniques that are designed to give you practical assistance.


Financial Resources