Read: Galatians 5:1

Freedom means being set free from something or to something. You are free from this or you may be free to do that. It means you were once bound and now are not. It doesn’t always mean a physical bondage but something basic that holds you down. It may be fear, thoughts of inadequacy, doubts, or even pride. But when we pursue love or receive it, all these things are placed to the side. 

Freedom means no guilt, shame, need for addiction, etc. Fill in the blank with what holds you back.

We can never forget about the grace of God.

Jesus died for all sinners. If we fully realized that Jesus decided to take on our condemnation we would quit adding more sins to the cross. Love frees people from the bondage of sin and death. This is why our call is love. If it is our upmost passion to love one another then things that hold us back will be overcome. Love drives us to new levels of living that we never knew possible. 


  1. Think about a situation in your life that you were trapped in (this can be a physical or spiritual situation).
  2. How were you set free?