Read: 1 Peter 4:8

Have you ever needed to be forgiven for something bad that you did? I’m sure you have. We all have. People continually search for things to cover it up. In the garden of Eden, we find Adam and Eve hiding from God because of their shame. We also see that they found other ways to cover their nakedness too. They didn’t want to be seen. So when we do wrong, what is it that covers us?

If we all focus on love it prevents us from sinning against those around us and even from sinning against God. When we love them we care for them. We know what they are about and what offends them. It is our love for them that covers our potential offenses. Many people focus on self help guides that have long lists, when in reality, if we focused on love, that’s the only help we need. To intently focus on the needs of others, to be sure we do not destroy them or hurt them in any way.  For example, in the 10 commandments, it says not to commit adultery. So we know that it is wrong to steal a persons spouse from them. This causes harm, hatred, and it all leads to death. If a person covets, the intent of their heart is after what another person has. We don’t care for that person apart from their things. Love covers over all of this. 

Has someone done wrong against you? What prevents you from forgiving them? Lack of forgiveness is a heart issue. It’s a love issue. It means we don’t love that person enough to look past the wrong they did to us previously. If we did, it would cover all wrong and both of you could move forward. 


  1. How would it make you feel if you did something wrong and someone still stood up for you?
  2. Have you ever experienced forgiveness first hand? Think on that time.