Read: James 3:16

Deep down our hearts are telling us something during these times. We have need. But what happens so often when we are in need? We desire what others have. It could be possessions or attributes. It means that we are no longer content with our situation and seek for what others have. There is no problem with being discontent. Often times, we should be more discontent with our situations actually. Jesus’ power came to redeem our troubled circumstances. But never seek resolution in others during those times. 

Take heart. Because if we do, we have confidence and lack nothing. We say to ourselves that Jesus is enough.

Why do you have the friends that you have? Check yourself here. There is a difference between them building you up and them maintaining you. You know those people that you just love to be around? Why? It’s usually because they add value to your life. How do they make you feel when you’re around them? Do they make you feel better? Why? What is it that they give you that makes you feel better? Now think about what you do to add value to their life. 

Love does not focus on what it can get out of a person. Love focuses on what it can give. Envy motivates our actions more often than we think. What actions are we taking in our interactions with people? Our motivation should be found in Christ and never in our need.


  1. Who is your favorite person to be around? Why?
  2. How can you add value to the lives of those around you?