Read: Luke 6:32-36

Love is patient. 

Imagine the Son of God hanging on the cross. It's an image that's both hideous and beautiful at the same time. Hours go by and He still hangs there. Excruciating pain and it is endured patiently. Think about that; patiently. Previous to this, He was beaten nearly to death. This was also done patiently. Often we read or hear this story and forget He could get down if He wanted to. He had the power to do that. Many mocked Him, reminding Him that if He was really the Son of God He could come down from the cross. Yet He remained. He was held by nails but they were not nearly as strong as His will. The authority of Jesus could have allowed Him to get down from the pain but the love He had for us empowered Him to remain and die. This is patience. 

There is something naturally redemptive about it. It's powerful enough to save. That is, when Christ was patient with us, it gave way for us to return to God without wrath. He waited on us no matter the inconvenience or the cost. It built us up and restored hope to us. This is how patience works all around. It worked with Jesus and it can work with us.

Jesus had a special kind of will, not only on the cross but all throughout His life. His aim was love–always love. Nothing more and nothing less. But when love comes, certain things must change about us. To usher more love into our lives we must be patient. Patience may mean pain but it may also mean redemption and love. The patience that Jesus had with us shows us the amount of love He had. His love informed His will and His will informed His actions. Your will also informs your actions.


  1. Who was the last person to be patient or impatient with you?
  2. How did this person being patient or impatient impact you?