Read: 1 John 4:7-8

The most powerful way to know God is to know love. In fact, the Bible says that if you do not know love then you do not know God. They are inseparable concepts.

So what is it? How would you define it? We may have a wrong view of love. If we have a wrong view of love we have an incomplete view of God. If He is this thing, we ought to know what it is or at least want to know more about it, right? It’s an attribute of God that according to Jesus is of upmost importance to understand and to practice. 

The love of God was made manifest to the world in Jesus. You can see God’s passion for His people in His acts. There was something about God that compelled Him to send His Son to cover over all the wrong we ever did. To take our punishment. How unfair is that? A perfect man to take our blame? What pushes God to do something like this? Love. If this is how He plans to act with us, we should also act in the same way towards others. 

It’s not only at the crucifixion story that we see this passion from God. We also see it in the very actions of Jesus while He lived among us. Go through one of the Gospels and you will see for yourself that the actions of Jesus were done with an unstoppable force.

To know God, we must know and practice love.


  1. In what way has God been loving to you personally?
  2. How does the way god love you change your perspective on how you interact with those around you?