MK5 - Week 1 (Elementary)


Kids today are wondering "What on earth am I here for?" Could I be meant for more than television, video games, and cell phone apps? Do I have a purpose? Does God care about me? MK5 tackles those questions with intrigue and drama.

This month, our kids will follow Kyle and the agents as they learn about their mission to not only WORSHIP God, but also how they can BELONG to a family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ, learn to SERVE and then go SHARE Christ in the world.

Sunday, we kicked off this Purpose Driven Life kids' series, MK5, by learning about the story of Paul's conversion.  Do you think Paul ever asked himself, “What on earth am I here for?”  Sure he did! But through Saul’s transformation to Paul, he became a new person in Christ and it became very clear that he was to follow the Lord.  God made each of us for a purpose… he made us special!  Even before we were born, he had plans for us!  This week's memory verse says just that:

I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born.  
-Isaiah 44:2a (CEV) 

 We are committed to helping your child discover his/her purpose through this series!  We hope that you will commit to helping them grow in faith by encouraging them to read their Bible, pray, and practice their memory verse each week!  We've created a Commitment Card for your child to track their progress in these areas.. pick one up in KiDS on Sunday!  When it's completed, turn it back in for an invisible ink spy pen!

Stop by the KiDS resource area to pick up a copy of the Purpose Driven Life for Kids Devotional book to help your child discover God's purpose for them!  It includes 365 quick devotions to read together each night!  

If you missed Sunday due to the weather, help your child catch up by watching the video here... trust us... they won't want to miss a week of this series!  See you Sunday!

Tarah Eldridge