Beach House Bandit - Week 1 (Preschool & K)

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Uh-oh! Someone took something from the beach house and I have a hunch it was Munch, the beach house bandit! This month, our Preschoolers are helping their friends Crystal, Ty, Molly and Simon follow the clues to find Munch as they learn God's purposes for them!

Sunday, we kicked of our new series, Beach House Bandit, by learning about how Saul lived a life driven by persecuting Christians!  But God had a different Plan for Saul.... God’s mission was to change Saul to a believer who would live a life of purpose, now as Paul. Paul would learn to Worship, Belong, Grow, Serve and Share in the Lord. Do you think Paul ever asked himself, “What on earth am I here for?” Sure he did! But through Saul’s transformation to Paul, he became a new person in Christ and it became very clear he was to follow the Lord.

God made us on purpose too!  We want our Preschool & Kindergarten kids to know that God had a plan for their lives even before they were born!  All month long, we will be teaching your kiddos Isaiah 44:2, which says just that!

  I am  (point to God) your creator (pound one fist on top of the other and switch).

  You were in my care (hug self) even before (gesture behind you)

  you were born (hands like rocking a baby) Isaiah 44:2 (hands like a book).”

Practice this with your child this month... make it fun by using fish faces, or making bubble “underwater” sounds, or using a silly voice!!  If they fill up their sticker chart or can say their verse by the end of the month, they get a prize out of the Treasure Box!

If you missed Sunday, don't worry, we'll save you a sticker sheet!  And you can watch the lesson with your child on the Better Life Kids Facebook page!

Cuddle with your child this week, reminding them of all the ways God made them special!  Pray that God would show them His special plan for their life as they grow in faith and wisdom in Him!

Tarah Eldridge