Work It Out, Week 1 (Elementary)


During the month of January, we are teaching our Elementary (1st-5th Grade) kids about COMMITMENT!  Growing in faith is not something that happens by simply cramming information about the Bible into a child’s brain. The knowledge in their head means nothing if we don’t help kids experience what that knowledge can do in their heart. To experience faith, we want kids to practice their faith and that takes commitment.

God keeps all His promises and puts His plans into action. Because God has kept His promises to us, we can make a plan and stick to it. One of the best plans you can make is to commit to an ongoing relationship with Jesus. Commit to practicing faith by reading God’s Word, praying to Him consistently, talking about Him with friends, and living out your faith every day.

Sunday, we kicked off our look at commitment in Matthew 7:24-27 where we read a parable Jesus told at the end of the Sermon on the Mount. Two builders took two different approaches to building their homes. One was built on a solid foundation, the other on shifting sand. Our solid foundation is built on hearing and doing what Jesus says. 

How do I hear from God?  When kids learn they should learn to hear from God, they might have some questions. After all, when God doesn’t really speak audibly, how can I hear from Him? We hope kids wrestle with this idea and learn that through reading God’s Word they can hear from God and discovery what God wants for their life.

Bottom Line: Practice hearing and doing what God says. We can’t do what God says until we know what God says, and that begins with listening to God. We pray that kids will learn the faith skill, HEAR, and discover how they can navigate and personalize God’s Word.  

January Prize

We've created a Commitment Card for your child this month where he/she can color in a box for each time they read their bible, their God Time Card, pray, or practice their memory verse!  These small, daily practices can make a big change in their faith!  Pick up a Card Sunday if you missed it!  Turn in your completed cards the last Sunday of the month (1/28) for a Better Life Church fidget spinner!  See you Sunday!

Tarah Eldridge