Watch This! Week 1 (Preschool & K)

Watch This

Preschoolers love showing us what they can do. They are full of WATCH THIS moments. And it can be anything – turning in a circle, running and jumping on a pile of pillows, curtseying like a princess, or my favorite, making their eyebrows go up and down. I love it when they learn how to do that. Their facial expressions are hilarious!

Pretty much anything a preschooler can do falls into the WATCH THIS category, simply because they think anything they learn how to do deserves a WATCH THIS moment. 

This month we’re going to run with that theme and the words ‘WATCH THIS!’ will be said… A LOT! For all of you science experiment fans, we want to invite preschoolers to WATCH THIS as we do a few impressive things so we can lead them to the ONE who can do ANYTHING! 

The goal for this month is to learn that Jesus is the one to watch, because JESUS CAN DO ANYTHING!

Sunday, we began the month talking about the time Jesus caught all of those fish after Peter caught nothing. Can you imagine Jesus saying, ‘Hey Peter! Watch this!’ as He pulled up the net filled with fish? Jesus can do things we can’t. Peter wasn’t able to catch fish on his own. But, with Jesus, his nets were filled! Only Jesus can do that! Jesus can do anything.  You can re-watch the story together here.

Help your child practice his/her memory verse this month to remember this truth!  "With God all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26.  Talk about a time God did the impossible in your life!  Pray about things that seem impossible for your family right now and trust that Jesus can do anything!  Then sit back and WATCH how Jesus works in your situation!  We pray that your child has moments of wonder this month discovering the greatness of Jesus and that you fall more in love with Jesus as a result! 

Tarah Eldridge