Work it Out, Week 4 (Elementary)


How can you live for God? Kids might think that they only practice their faith when they are at church. But when you practice living for God, you discover that whatever you do—work, play, read, sing, listen, whatever—can be a way you worship God with your life.

We finished out our WORK IT OUT Series in Mark 12:41-44. Jesus is with His disciples and notices how wealthy people are giving lots of money, but then came a poor widow. She gave just two small coins. While this seemed like such a small gift, Jesus says this woman actually gave more than the rich people because she gave everything she had.

The bottom line is, we should practice living for God! We know that most kids love to sing and worship God. But worship isn’t just something we do when we sing at church; worship is really how we honor God with our whole lives—through how we love others and serve them, how we give of our time and talents, how we obey and praise God, even how we rest. We want kids to practice the faith skill, LIVE, and discover that worship isn’t just singing loud, it’s living loud.

At bedtime, read Mark 12:41-44 with your child. Pray that God would show you what it means to live for Him, whatever you’re doing.  You can also discover all God’s Word can teach us about commitment by checking out this week’s 252 Short Discovery video at  Check out this week's God Time card for more devotions for diving deeper into God's Word!

Tarah Eldridge