Watch This! Week 4 (Preschool & K)


Sunday, we ended our WATCH THIS! series with Jesus doing something else only He can do – turning water into wine, or as we like to call it in preschool world, ‘Super Fancy Party Drink.’ Preschoolers may not know what wine is, but they know it’s a fancy party when you’ve got juice boxes or punch! 

Our preschoolers enjoyed science experiment time by watching to see what happens when you add Pop Rocks to soda!  It was AMAZING!  


But even more amazing that that is the miracles we have seen Jesus do all month long... helping his friends catch a boatload of fish, walking on water, feeding 5,000 people with one lunch, and turning water into wine!!  Jesus can do anything!  We want your kids to know that no matter what they are going through, Jesus is bigger, he is with them, and he can do anything!  Nothing is too hard for Him!  Spend time with your child praying this week through whatever problems your family may be facing and BELIEVE that Jesus is the answer!

Tarah Eldridge