Work it Out, Week 3 (Elementary)


Parents, who can you talk with about God? Talking about what God is doing in your life is an important part of growing in faith. But not every child knows the best person to talk to about their faith. We hope kids figure out the trusted people who can be a sounding board to listen to their faith stories.  

Sunday, our story came from Matthew 16:13-20, where Jesus asks His disciples about who people think He is. Then, Jesus turns the question on them. After everything they’d seen Jesus do and heard Jesus say, who did they think He was? This gave Peter the perfect moment for him to declare what he believed about Jesus—that Jesus truly is the Son of God.

The bottom line: Practice talking about God. We can know God better by talking about Him with others. But this isn’t just about talking about Jesus with people who don’t know Him yet. There’s also another important element of talking about God. As kids process their growing faith, they will have questions and doubts. We want kids to practice the faith skill, TALK, and learn how to talk through their questions about God with others who believe in Jesus.   

Our Crew Leaders love having "God conversations" with your child each week! Let your child know you are there to listen and help them, too!  At bedtime, read Matthew 16:13-20. Ask God to give you both opportunities this week to talk with others about Him! 

Don't forget, Sunday January 28th, is the last week for your child to bring his/her commitment card where they've committed to grow in their faith (through praying, reading their Bible, and studying scripture)!  Not only will your child receive a fidget spinner for their commitment, but hopefully their faith will grow too!  That's a win-win!  See you Sunday! 

Tarah Eldridge