Watch This! Week 3 (Preschool & K)


We have been having a blast in our Watch This! series this month where we've learned all about the amazing things Jesus did and what He can do in our lives!!  Sunday, we told our Preschool & Kindergarten kids about the time Jesus fed over 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Can you imagine the look on the disciples’ faces as they watched the food keep coming and coming and coming and then as they picked up the leftovers? Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Feeding all those people seemed an impossible task for the disciples. But, nothing is too hard for Jesus to do. Jesus can do anything!

You can re-watch the Bible story with your child this week.  Afterwards, make a fun snack together and talk about how much food you'd have to have to feed so many people!  We could never do that... but Jesus can!  At bedtime, you can cuddle & pray, "Dear God, we know nothing is too hard for Jesus. He can do anything! Help us go to Him when we need help. In Jesus' name, amen."

Don't forget, next week is the last Sunday of the series... and that means memory verse prize time!  Your child has been learning Matthew 19:26: "With God all things are possible." Ask him/her to show you the motions and practice it together!  See you Sunday!

Tarah Eldridge