Nursery: December


This month, our Infants and Toddlers are learning about a very Special Delivery: JESUS!  Because God sent His son, Jesus, we can know just how much He loves us!  Through reading the Christmas Story, singing songs, and playing games, we hope to plant seeds in your little one's heart to prepare them to receive the truth of Christmas in the years to come!

Here are some things you can do all month long at home:


Play with a toy nativity set with your little one or read a Nativity book.  Point out Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, saying, “Baby, look at this nativity set.  It tells us all about the very first Christmas.  God sent Jesus to live on earth.  His mommy was Mary and her husband was Joseph.  God gave us Jesus.  God loves you!"

Dance Party

Play Christmas music and give your little one a rattle or toy instrument to shake while they dance.  Have them shout “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” when the music stops!  Click the Playlist below for fun music videos! 

For more great ideas, pick up a Parent Cue card on Sunday!  We pray your Christmas is filled with moments of wonder as your little one experiences the joy of Christmas!