Preschool & K: Week 3, December 16th


Our Savior came in a very quiet way. In fact, the first people to hear of His birth were some shepherds out in a field. Can you imagine how those shepherds felt that night? Today, our preschoolers heard about how a whole host of angels shared the awesome news that Jesus had been born with shepherds in the field. The shepherds hurried to see baby Jesus and then rushed to tell others all about Him.

Watch the video with your little one in the Parent Cue App or online here.  Then, find a special way to help them connect with this amazing story!

  • Go on a night drive to look at Christmas lights. As you look, talk about how special Jesus is and that He is why we celebrate Christmas.
  •  Have your child find a few toys they no longer play with to donate to a charity or organization.  Talk about the gift Jesus is to us and why we give to others!
  • Throw a birthday party for Jesus! Make it a party for 2 or invite lots of friends. Cupcakes, hats and horns will make it a very special day!
  • Cuddle and pray, "Dear God, thank You for giving us Jesus. Help us remember Christmas is all about His birthday. In Jesus' name, amen."

We pray your family finds wonderful moments to celebrate Christ's birth this week!  Remember, we will be having FIVE Christmas services to accommodate your family's schedule this Christmas!  There will be a Live Nativity with Petting Zoo for each of the services!  Use the Invite below to share on your social media or text to families to invite them to join us in Worship!  

Tarah Eldridge