Elementary: Week 2, December 10th


As we continue our The Big Give series, Sunday we asked kids, Why is it important to give to others? Kids have been told since they were very young that they should share and give to others. As they grow into adolescence, it’s important for them to understand why that’s true. We want kids to discover that generosity changes your entire perspective on the world God made. Life isn’t about me. It’s about what God is doing through me to show His love to the world.  

In Luke 12:13-21, we read about how Jesus shared a parable about a rich young man. This rich man experienced such a harvest that he ended up with more than he needed. Instead of seeing how he could use the extra to help others, he stored it up for himself. As a result, he lost his life and didn't get to enjoy it anyway.  At bedtime, read Luke 12:13-21 with your child and ask God to help you notice even the smallest chances to give.  Ask your child, What's something you have to give? and Why is giving important to you?

When it comes to what we have, we need to think about others and focus on relationships more than getting more stuff. Being generous is difficult when we’re consumed with wanting more. We want kids to understand that when we focus on others, we’re more likely to see the needs around us and be generous in how we help meet those needs.  We hope you have moments this week of being generous to others!  For more daily scriptures about generosity, checkout the God Time Card linked below!

Tarah Eldridge