Find Friends. Find Family. Find Jesus.

We were never created to do life around others, we were created to do life WITH them! Our Groups create the kind of environment where you can be real about where you are, and encounter a REAL Jesus who loves you and wants a deeper relationship with you. Through real conversations, deep friendships, and weekly next steps, we believe that Jesus wants to show you a little more of who He is through those around you. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonies below to hear stories of how God has used Groups to grow people closer to Him!


Kally Little

“As a new resident of KY from PA and a stay at home mom, knowing only my husband’s family who are 2.5 hours away, I found Better Life Church through a friend of a friend I met in Lamaze class. I quickly grew to love the church and wanted more. I first joined an all ladies group where I was able to take my son.

I met numerous Godly woman there and formed life long friendships. They helped me grow closer to God through all their experiences and wisdom. They were my outlet and direction when life threw curve balls, not only helping me to build a strong marriage with a non Believer but also saving it at times. As a newly saved Christian, they taught me God’s word and taught me ways to better control my anger and decipher my feelings. I then decided to hold my own group in hopes to get deeper into God’s word. Within these groups He has lead me to step out of my comfort zone, grow, and lead! Also, gave me the confidence to pray publicly. Back to that non believer marriage and introverted husband. God answered many of the prayers that were spoken through these groups and lead my husband not only to salvation and baptism but to LEADING a couples group. Within that group God gave us the tools we needed to take control over our finances. He also transformed that once introverted husband into a leader of the parking team and gave him the courage to join Pastor Daniel in a huge public baptism of our oldest son. I can say that through that one person, that one invite, small groups have lead to a large circle of friends who we call family. God has used that “family” to build an intimate relationship with him and change our family tree. I am beyond blessed and truly believe the best is yet to come!"


Tabitha Sims

“So this year my word was flourish, and I have really been put into situations that have caused exponential growth to occur in my life. One of my spiritual gifts is teaching, so leading a small group is a perfect way for me to grow my gift!

Not only have we built a strong bond with my ladies small group, but we help each other and build each other up spiritually and emotionally. Each person is at a different level of spiritual maturity and it is that constant flow of leading and following that keeps everyone growing and learning about God and who he is. When we are not physically meeting during the summer I host online bible study where we try to read through a book of the Bible for like a summer reading plan, or we have summer sermon challenges where we watch sermons and post them to our page and each post is an entry into a drawing for a prize! We laugh, we cry, and we have fun. Group is truly an encounter that is better experienced than explained. We are more than a small group, we really are a sisterhood."

Join a Group

If you’re ready to find YOUR group, click the button below! This is one of the most impactful steps you can take in your walk with Jesus, and we’re so excited you’re taking it! You may start out as friends, co-workers, or even strangers, but you will leave as family!


“Groups have largely been a launch-pad for my faith. I've been apart of several, all of which have helped me to grow in fellowship with God and taught me how to walk in Christ with others.I'm especially fond of outreach groups. One of the first groups I joined was a group that goes to an Addiction Recovery Care center. Being able to walk side-by-side with amazing men of God who minister to the lost has given me the boldness to step-out of my comfort zone and help win souls for Christ. A walk with Jesus is not something that is meant to be done on your own. Groups grow you."


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a Group?

We believe that community within the church and it's members is essential in a healthy walk with Jesus. The relationships you will find in your Group will be ones that are loving, encouraging, and ones that will always push you to grow closer to Jesus every single day.

Are there different types of groups?

For the first 6-weeks of the Spring 2018 semester every small group will be going through the Purpose Driven Life - "What On Earth Am I Here For" study. For the remainder of the semester groups will discuss the content of previous Sunday's message.

Where do Groups meet?

We offer Groups that meet in homes around Rowan and surrounding counties, as well as in coffee shops, restaurants, parks, our church building, and even some online!

Can I join a Group in the middle of the semester?

YES! You can join a Group anytime throughout the semester

How long do Groups meet?

Most Groups meet for around an hour. However, some groups may last longer depending on how conversations are going, if food is being provided, etc.