Read: 1 Timothy 1:5

Passion is a relentless pursuit of a particular aim. We watch politicians on the television get fired up about things that our national leaders are doing. We read in history class of movements being founded out of a simple, stubborn-like spirit. Passion pushes us to do things we would never think about doing otherwise. It does not care what the consequences are. It does not take into consideration the costs. It’s all in from start to finish.

We find the Apostle Paul blinded by a light in the New Testament. This was the day he met Jesus. Paul literally was struck blind by His presence. I would argue to say that though his eyes healed after some time, his blindness never went away. His vision for spreading the hope of Jesus to all nations was unstoppable and eventually cost him his life. He was blind to all else but the mission of Christ. 

The passion we find in the Bible was driven by the love we saw from God. It was all learned from Him. We see its power reaching from Jerusalem 2,000 years ago and into your heart right now. It is relentless and pursues unconditionally. It is fearless and cares nothing about the cost. It is redemptive, pulling broken lives out of the dirt and placing them on high. It is life transforming and is capable of changing the world with just a little bit of passion. 


  1. What do you think God is most passionate about? Think of a Scripture that backs up your idea. 
  2. If you were to be active in love in every area of your life, would there be consequences?