Series need to be submitted 9 weeks out to account for 1 week of planning, 5 weeks of production & 2 weeks of Promotion.

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All events will have a 6 week lead time. Please submit 6 weeks out or more from the date you need to promote or send items to print! After completing this form, complete a deliverables brief from the Google Docs templates & share with Creative Director.


Film & Design Project

You will want to reference our turnaround time sheet ( and submit your project that many days from the date you need to promote or send items to print!


Pro Presenter

Pro should have a lead time of at least 2 weeks out to fit into the schedule of already recurring Pro Presenter updates for our weekly services. These may include All-Staff, Team Nights, etc.



Our Worship Director & team need at least 4 weeks of lead time to prepare worship sets.