Why Won't You Look At Me?


As a child, you more than likely tried to get someone to watch you whenever you were getting ready to do something you thought was super cool. Maybe you were on the edge of the pool getting ready to jump in by yourself or getting ready to build the biggest Lego tower ever. Either way, you wanted someone to join in with you and celebrate what you were doing.

Whenever we want someone to share with something that we are experiencing, we use the word, “look.” “Hey, look at me!” “Mom, Look!” “Look at that!

Children are constantly using this phrase as they grow up. As we get older, we may stop being as bold as a child to ask people to “look” but our desire for relationship grows stronger.  

We desire our parents to be proud of the things that we do or enjoy and really “look” at us.

We pick friends that are similar to us, so that we can connect in those similarities.

We want that special someone to truly appreciate the little things that we enjoy.

Dating, getting married, lifelong friendships, families, are all how we build relationships with other people. Why do we build relationships with people? What makes another person so special that we will take the time to connect with them?

Typically, it’s whenever another person “looks” at you. When they make the decision to really celebrate what you are doing or experiencing. Often times, we as humans, just want to be seen. Not just someone seeing you, but rather seeing and recognizing you for exactly who you are.  

Do you ever walk and really look at people? Very rarely do you meet someone that will have their head held high anticipating a smile or ready to give a smile to someone.  We want to be seen, yet we won’t hold our heads high enough to be seen.

But what if we realized that there is already someone looking at us? Someone that is already fully aware of who we are without us ever having to ask?

“The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:25-26(NIV)

How different is it when we look at this verse? To realize that the Lord intentionally shines His face upon us. He doesn’t look at us with a frown or disapproval. He wants to give you peace and hope, not discouragement.

When we begin to see how Jesus looks at us, we are then able to look at other people the same way.  

Our student pastor, Jacob Steagall, said in his message on “Parables” that, “The object of Christianity is to love Jesus, so we can love other people.

Jesus sees you. He knows you. Anything you have done or will do won’t catch Him by surprise or upset Him. Jesus LOOKS at you and meets you right where you are. So hold your head high, seeking to look right back at Him.

That's what the world needs; people so secure in how Jesus sees them that they stir others to the same realization. 

That’s what the world needs; people so secure in how Jesus sees them that they stir others to the same realization.