Parables: What Is Your Gift?

A recap of Discipleship Pastor, Marion Clifton's sermon, "Parables" in 140 characters or less.

1. Jesus has entrusted every single person with something. #Parables

2. Your perspective can either benefit you or affect you. #Parables

3. The difference between your situation as a circumstance and your situation as an opportunity is perspective. #Parables

4. Each and every individual in the church has a purpose. #Parables

5. When we accept our gifts, we find our purpose. #Parables

6. You will make a difference when you start using your gifts and stop comparing yourselves to others. #Parables

7. Think small. Dream big. #Parables

8. If you're continuously chasing after who you're not, you'll never find out who you are. #Parables

9. When we see what has been entrusted to us, we will see more opportunities. #Parables

10. What you have in your hands is exactly what you need to do what God has called you to do. #Parables

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