What Is There Even To Do In Morehead in the Summer?

Sometimes when we think of a small town, we think of a small list of things to do, especially in a college town whenever summertime hits. However, we love all that Morehead has to offer and wanted to share some potential summer ideas for you and your family.

1. Farmer’s Market: Lots of local produce and just a fun time to interact with different members of the community. You can also take the challenge of starting a garden with your family! https://www.facebook.com/rowancountyfarmersmarket

2. Cave Run Lake: We hear Billy Branch is a great place to take the family and swim, even if you don’t have a boat or just enjoy skipping rocks. http://www.caverun.org/

3. Sheltowee Trace: You can find simply a day’s hike or a more complex weekend hike. http://www.kentuckytourism.com/outdoor-adventure/sheltowee.aspx

4. Check out a local business: We have been blessed with several different great local businesses from the Fuzzy Duck to the Bakery on Main. The Fuzzy Duck frequently offers different events for children and families throughout the summer. If you enjoy live music, Pasquales has a night where local musicians come in and play.  http://moreheadtourism.com/eat/

5. Free Summer Movies: The word “free” is one that everyone loves when looking for a movie. Our local theater offers some free movie days this summer, which might land on a rainy day to keep the kids occupied. http://www.moreheadcinemas6.com/

6. Lockegee: Who doesn’t love the opportunity to look at the stars without any other type of lighting around? Lockegee is a great Morehead secret within the Daniel Boone forest. This could be a great date night  for some of you adventurous married folk or for a group of friends.

7. Paint Your Own Ceramics: Another rainy day option is to check out the ceramic studio. Pick out a ceramic and paint it however you like! http://flowersatcreativetouch.com/

8. Parks: There are several different little parks to take your child or family to for a picnic and a day throwing around a football. http://moreheadparks.wix.com/dept

9. Downtown Walk: There is a self-guided tour around downtown Morehead that will show you different historical landmarks. http://moreheadtourism.com/explore/attractions/

10. Crosspoint Church: We would love for you to join us this summer as a family or just yourself as we dive into a series all about Jesus’s teaching through the “Parables.” http://www.crosspointchurch.com/

We believe life is meant to be fun by enjoying your family, your city and your God.  

Hailley White