What If Our Hearts Were Right?

A recap of Lead Pastor Daniel Lucas' sermon, "What If" in 140 characters or less.

1. Every great achievement starts small. #WhatIf

2. Everything you possess right now is a starting point for God to do something great in your future. #WhatIf

3. The church is the hope of the world. #WhatIf

4. Don't get over what Jesus has done for you and will continue to do through you. #WhatIf

5. We didn't come to start a church. We came to start a movement. #WhatIf

6. We can't expect people to come to us, we must go to them. #WhatIf

7. Jesus isn't concerned with where you have been. He's concerned with where you are going. #WhatIf

8. The power of the Holy Spirit won't show up until we have one unanimous heart. #WhatIf

9. Every movement starts with a motion. #WhatIf

10. You won't know everyone in a group, but you need to know someone. #WhatIf

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