Parables: See the Invisible. Do The Impossible.

A recap of student pastor, Trevor Stone's sermon, "Parables" in 140 characters or less.

1. Faith can grow bigger than we expected. #Parables

2. The only one that knows the potential of the seed is the one who planted it. #Parables

3. God is the God of immeasurably more. #Parables

4. You can't dream enough to outdream God. #Parables

5. Faith is attached to the future. #Parables

6. Faith is interested in your potential, not where you think you are. #Parables

7. God is the God of "what if" not "what is."

8. Faith will always propel you into the future and hope resides in the future. #Parables

9. Faith is more about hearing than seeing. #Parables

10. See the invisible and do the impossible. #Parables

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