Growing Pains: Parent with the End in Mind

A recap of Lead Pastor Daniel Lucas' sermon, "Growing Pains" in 140 characters or less.

1. When you start with the end in mind, it will help you distinguish what matters most. #GrowingPains

2. Your behavior must back up your values. #GrowingPains

3. Our end goal isn't to be happy. #GrowingPains

4. We should value influence over instruction and relationship over rules. #GrowingPains

5. Without trust, you don't have influence. #GrowingPains

6. Practice what you preach. #GrowingPains

7. Tell the truth if you want to develop trust. #GrowingPains

8. Learn to listen. #GrowingPains

9. Don't make promises that you can't keep to your children. #GrowingPains

10. There is no need to compete with our already perfect heavenly Father. #GrowingPains

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