Parables: Out Of Place

A recap of Student Pastor Jacob Steagall's sermon, "Parables" in 140 characters or less.

1. You always have a place next to the feet of Jesus. #Parables

2. You are a vessel that God wants to use. #Parables

3. It isn't about how much you have sinned, but how much God has forgiven you. #Parables

4. We need to love out of response, not responsibility. #Parables

5. Jesus didn't characterize people by their sin. #Parables

6. Jesus has protected you by giving you a better way. #Parables

7. I am no different. The difference is Jesus. #Parables

8. It isn't your power and your authority. It is Jesus allotting it to you. #Parables

9. Our sin was so out of place on Jesus, so we could have a place with Him. #Parables

10. The object of Christianity is to love Jesus, so we can learn to love other people. #Parables

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