I Don't Have All the Answers and That's Okay.


Why do so many people tend to avoid tough questions? Have you ever tried asking someone a question and they completely shot you down? They look at you like you’re possessed by Satan himself and are shocked that you would ever ask that kind of question. Or maybe you’ve heard of that happening or even seen it happen to others and you’re way too afraid to speak up to ask a question that is real to you. Maybe you have a question right now and it makes you question everything else you believe in. What you hear is, “doubt is unbelief”.

Why are we afraid of tough questions?

That is a lie.

There are two types of questions people can ask: questions that lead to answers and questions that lead to more questions. I’ve dealt with tough questions in my life that required real answers. One thing I’ve learned through it all is that God is still God and the answers to those questions, or the answers to the unending line of questions does not change that fact.

We need to learn to be a people that can let God fend for Himself and learn to trust that He is real. There is more doubt in avoiding hard questions than there is in exploring them. When we tackle the tough questions, our faith will grow stronger. Whether we find the answer or not, we will discover this one truth: God is still faithful, even in my unbelief.

"God is still faithful, even in my unbelief."

Having doubt doesn’t make you a bad Christian. And thinking that doubt is equated with unbelief, makes you doubt God. That is crippling. Doubt is not unbelief. Yes, doubt can be dangerous but doubt can also be an opportunity to grow your faith.

So what do we do?

We have a habit in our culture to feel as if we need to know all the answers. In fact, a lot of people make something up when they don’t know the answer because they’re too afraid to admit they don’t have the answer. If you never ask questions, you never learn. Don’t miss out on opportunities because your pride is in the way.

Embrace hard questions. Ask away. Never be afraid of what is on the other side of doubt. God will remain exactly where He is and you will get closer and closer.

Get around the right people. You cannot do this quick enough. Whether you are in the church or outside of the church, there are plenty of people out there that avoid truth because it doesn’t benefit their own comfort or agenda. Put yourself around people that are honest, transparent, genuine, love Jesus and love you.

Embrace hard questions. Ask away. Never be afraid of what is on the other side of doubt.

Be open minded. The moment you become close minded is the moment you stop growing closer to Jesus. Let truth be truth and you will see Jesus.

Never avoid your doubt. Run towards it. Doubt in the right setting turns into wonder and wonder turns into worship.

faithMarion Clifton