Identity Crisis


If you put your identity in something that never fades, never turns on you, and gives unconditional love,  your anxieties will decrease.

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.
— Ephesians 2:13

Ever since I can remember people have identified me by my hair. Everyone labeled me as the girl with frizzy, curly hair, which I hadn't given much thought. Until I decided to invest in a super nice flat iron that would allow me to smooth those frizzy curls away within minutes. As soon as people saw that I had begun to wear my hair straight, they started to freak out, “What are you doing? Your hair is who you are.” I didn’t think I would get this kind of reaction. What seemed to be a positive change to my hair game, surprised everyone who had grown to know me by my physical appearance. 

    As irrelevant as something like a simple change in hairstyle is, a lot of us put our identities in things that don’t last. For a lot of us our identity is found in relationships. We look for our worth in those we surround ourselves with rather than finding our worth in the love of Jesus Christ. We tend to forget that the relationships we make here on earth are temporary, but a relationship with Jesus is everlasting. If you put your worth in things that will fade away, you will find yourself in a bit of an identity crisis. Basing who you are and what you are worth off of a relationships status, your bank account, your job, or your physical appearance can keep you from becoming the person God has created you to be. We were created to be unique individuals with unique plans that will show the world the love of Jesus Christ. It is up to us whether we want to carry out those plans or not.

If you put your worth in things that will fade away, you will find yourself in a bit of an identity crisis.

    You see, a relationship with Jesus isn’t something that will fade away. He wants to have a relationship with you that is eternal, a relationship that will only build you up and give you a better life. No longer does your identity have to lie in things that are changeable, but in an unchangeable God.