How Do I Experience Freedom?


I have some of the best roommates. Now mind you, this is my 7th set of roommates, so you may say I have mastered the roommate game. Do you remember your first group of roommates? Maybe when you were in a freshman in college? Was it not so awkward trying to figure out how to live with someone? Not knowing if you could really be yourself?

The people I live with allow me to be myself. I have freedom to not hide who I am. I can walk in, throw my stuff on the ground, and just be real, knowing that they trust who I am. It’s actually interesting. I never used to be that way. I used to be very private. I didn’t like when roommates would try to know every detail of my life or they would ask me how I was, I would immediately say, “good,” even if it was a complete lie. What broke me of that was the realization that I could be real with God. That I didn’t have to be anything, but who I already am with Him. What freedom that can offer.

"I didn't have to be anything, but who I already am with Him."

I believe in a better life, because I have experienced how the Enemy attempts to  “kill, steal, and destroy” to keep me from experiencing that life. He can kill your spirit and make you believe that you have no purpose or calling. He can steal your joy from truly experiencing the good that God has in store for you. He can destroy how you see yourself. Then you taste freedom. Because there is freedom within Christ. The freedom to be who you are.

“Christ has liberated us to be free. Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

You were never meant to be submitted to a yoke of slavery or to be limited in who you are. You were made so intricately different from anyone else. I have experienced freedom when I have allowed the real me encounter a real God. It has been a perspective shift. A lot of times, we fail to experience the freedom that Christ can offer, because our vision is so clouded. We have to be able to look beyond what is currently happening to know that God is at work in our lives. A lot of times that means keeping our gaze upon heaven. This requires that you don’t get so hung up on what is currently in front of you.

“I Seek A Homeland.”

I seek to see a little bit of heaven encounter my earth everyday and that is a better life. When I know that I have a God that wants to be a part of what is daily happening to me and take me further, my only option is to let my perspective to be focused on Him and what He intends to do. No, life isn’t easy, but with eyes on Jesus, life can be better.


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