Growing Pains: Real Talk

A recap of Lead Pastor Daniel Lucas' sermon, "Growing Pains" in 140 characters or less.

1. The Gospel never changes. #GrowingPains

2. Your words have the power to create and to destroy. #GrowingPains

3. The future the world needs is in the head of a middle or high school student. #GrowingPains

4. The #1 thing that keeps a student from reaching out is a negativity of a parent. #GrowingPains

5. Sons need to know their dads are proud of them. Daughters need to know their moms are with them. #GrowingPains

6. Parents should adjust if their doesn't feel understood. #GrowingPains

7. You'll be the average of your top five friends. #GrowingPains

8. Look at your friends and see your future. #GrowingPains

9. There comes a point when a child needs another source of influence beyond their parents. #GrowingPains

10. You're no match for your sin. Jesus is the match for your sin. #GrowingPains


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