Growing Pains

A recap of Lead Pastor Daniel Lucas' sermon, "Growing Pains" in 140 characters or less.

1. It begins with you. #GrowingPains

2. There are no perfect families. #GrowingPains

3. Am I available? #GrowingPains

4. We get distracted by the details, instead of getting caught up in what Jesus is doing in our life. #GrowingPains

5. Am I obedient? #GrowingPains

6. Obedience precedes blessings. #GrowingPains

7. Am I teachable? #GrowingPains

8. If you want to be a better parent, let God parent you. #GrowingPains

9. Am I following Jesus? #GrowingPains

10. When you follow Jesus, you will reproduce who you are to your kids. #GrowingPains

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