Five Books We Recommend


Here is a small list of books that we recommend for you to check out if you are interested in growing closer to Jesus!

1.     Crazy Love by Francis Chan. When you’re in love with something or someone, something about you changes. Your life is never the same. We believe that whenever you encounter Jesus, the same is true. Your live will never the same. This book talks all about the radical love of Jesus and what is compels us to do in our lives, as well as those around us.

2.     Jesus Is by Judah Smith. In a world where everyone is telling you how to act and who to be, it is hard to find some real truth. Jesus Is takes the step in filling in that blank and giving a picture of exactly who the person of Jesus is and how that should affect how we live.

3.     Love Does by Bob Goff. The author uses several different stories within this book to emphasize that love is active. More than that, you never have to be fully prepared, funded, or even capable to really act out the love of Jesus. If you have ever felt like you wanted to do something, but not sure how too, check out this book for some good encouragement.

4.     Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. If you find yourself relying more on logic, then feelings, this is a must read for you. It is a logical foundation for the Christian faith. Really, anything that CS Lewis has written would be a great read!

5.     Undaunted by Christine Caine. The author uses her own personal story of battling the feeling of being unwanted, unnamed, and unqualified to do what God has called her to do. This book talks about taking all those negative feelings and using them to live the better life that God has to offer us.

We hope you find something from this list to grow your faith! 

Hailley White