All Shades of Grey

In 1904, because of a 26-year-old preacher and 16 young people, revival broke out in Wales. In one year, 100,000 people gave their life to Jesus making this known as one of the greatest revivals in history. We believe this can happen again. But in order for this to happen, we need to be honest with ourselves. We need to look at and get rid of all of the things that are keeping us from having fellowship with God.

A movement cannot happen apart from the presence of God.

When the revival broke out in 1904, it began with a sermon that had 4 compelling statements that bent the hearts of people and brought them into God’s presence. Do I have any unconfessed sin in my life? Are there any doubtful habits or activities in my life? Do I obey the Holy Spirit promptly? Do I confess Christ publicly?

Sometimes we’re faced with situations that the Bible isn’t 100% clear on. When we are faced with a spiritually gray area, it can make these things more difficult. Here are some questions that can help us figure out whether we should act on those things:

  1. Will this help me spiritually?
  2. Will this put me in bondage?
  3. Will this hurt my body?
  4. Will this cause someone else to stumble?
  5. Will this affect my witness?
  6. Will this violate my conscience?
  7. Will this bring glory to God?

Daniel Lucas