Behind the Scenes


In 2008, my wife Laurie and I were searching for a church that was more in line with how we worshipped, how we laughed, how we talked, how we prayed. We were looking for people who were on the same page, who cared about the same things as we did. We prayed about this decision as a family and decided to visit Crosspoint Church (at the time) at the Morehead Conference Center. We went, loved the preaching, the worship, the people, and the atmosphere of those serving. The next Sunday, I was asked where we were going to church and I said “Crosspoint” without missing a bit. The second week, I started to help others by taking down pipe & drape; next thing I know I’m on the Load In/Load Out Team. All I knew is I wanted to be a part of what God was doing in this church launch. I was told “they” needed help with moving the trailers holding the equipment to the Conference Center and since I had a truck I figured I could help. If you know me, you know I’m a night person, getting up at 5am to pull trailer at 5:45am… not me! It’s impressive if I go to bed the same day I woke up! How did I know God was on my side in this decision? I was ready to go and I was never late. Laurie and I have lead lots of small groups throughout the years and some of our greatest friendships have come from that. We continued serving and staying involved, and in June of 2013, I came on staff full time.

I’m a behind the scenes kind of guy, so I enjoyed being on the team to help “put up” and “take down” church on Sundays. Changing our name to Better Life Church fits us. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet at multiple different venues but going from thawing our trailer locks with torches and setting up equipment to unlocking the doors to turning on the lights in our new facility is a big change!!! We went from dropping truss and light rigging from the high school, to just being able to turn on a computer. Load Out guys know just how sweaty you can get on a hot Kentucky summer day..oh the fun times! While I don’t miss the work, I wouldn’t trade any of it! While we were portable we focused on setting up and tearing down weekly, we didn’t have to focus on the building because someone else cleaned up after us. Transitioning into our building, our Facilities Team spends a lot of time cleaning, repairing damages, building shelves, check-in stations, and preparing for baptisms and other special events. I’m a tool guy, I like tools and one of my favorite new tools is our floor scrubber. I mean, who doesn’t like to ride go carts? Not as fast but I think you get the idea. Leading and working with a team of other Christian men has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

A lot can happen in 10 years. My marriage and family has grown to be stronger and my friendships have been strengthened. I love my church, I’m thankful for the opportunities to help people in this community. How we do church has changed throughout the years, but the why has always stayed the same. To help people follow Jesus so they can experience A Better Life.