Easter at Better Life / A Volunteer's View


When I began to consider Easter at Better Life Church, I thought of the appearances of Jesus recorded in the bible after he had risen from the dead. However, what really got me thinking was wondering how many encounters with Christ were not recorded? The average Israelite walking a lonely road by him or herself, perhaps they were even present at the crucifixion. They saw this man die; surely they would not condemn an innocent man? Yet, something deep within them was uneasy. Was Jesus really who he said he is?

Frustrated and aggravated with life’s problems they may have kicked up the brown dust on that lonely road. Only to have the wind swirl it back into to their face. Yeah, that’s what it is like when nothing seems to be going right.

Then there was an unexpected encounter on their way. An encounter like none they had ever had before. An encounter when they met Jesus face to face. How could this be? They saw him die, yet he lives. That is when Jesus stared into their eyes and said something, which penetrated to the depths of their heart and soul. At that moment, on that lonely road everything changed for them. They saw Jesus as Lord. He has risen!

How many people will walk through the doors of Better Life Church this Easter? Lonely and empty, yet they do not know who they need. They may have heard about our church and even wondered what is going on here? They come through the doors of Better Life and experience a worship service that is different. Pastor Daniel then preaches the word, and the living Word goes forth and penetrates to the depths of heart and soul. At that moment everything changes for them. They see Jesus as Lord. He has risen!

- Steve Stone