Easter At Crosspoint

A recap of Lead Pastor Daniel Lucas' sermon, "Jesus Is Compassionate," in 140 characters or less.

  1. Not even the disciples believed Jesus was going to be raised from the dead.  #EasterAtCrosspoint 

  2. The disciples didn't preach what they believed but what they saw." #EasterAtCrosspoint

  3. The disciples didn't teach that Jesus lived, but that He lives.  #EasterAtCrosspoint

  4. The teachings of Jesus weren't radical enough to make it out of the first century, but the resurrection was. #EasterAtCrosspoint

  5. It wasn't the teachings of Jesus that changed the world. It was His resurrection. #EasterAtCrosspoint

  6. If someone dies and comes back up out of the grave, I'm gonna go with that guy. #EasterAtCrosspoint

  7. Jesus is seated on His throne; calm, cool, and collected.  #EasterAtCrosspoint

  8. Jesus is alive. #EasterAtCrosspoint

  9. Because Jesus is alive, you can live. #EasterAtCrosspoint

  10. You are now seated with Jesus. #EasterAtCrosspoint

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